Virgin Mary Trucker (Navy)

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"This Womens Seed Will Crush The Serpent's Skull"

Yes we know it’s not grammatically correct. It’s a direct quote from Young’s Literal Translation Bible from 1862.

  • Fabric: 55% Foam, 45% Nylon
  • Closure: Plastic Snapback
  • Panels: 5
  • Visor: Curved
  • Wrap Around Embroidery
  • Made in Los Angeles

In many cases our fabric have undergone special treatment to achieve its appearance. All irregularities are to be considered characteristics of this garment and not a production defect. Rather, we feel it lends to the quality and distinctiveness of the garment. 

All items are in stock. Please allow 7 business days for processing and 2-4 business days for shipping Domestically in the US, 10-20 business days internationally.